Ignacio Martinez-Alpiste, Gelayol Golcarenarenji, Qi Wang and Jose M. Alcaraz Calero


“DRex” is the proposed solution to Smart RPAS project. The app is able to perform human detection from 140 meters far and 75 high in wild environments due to its capabilities. Novel architecture coupled with real-time machine-learning-based object detection system embedded on a smartphone. The task of performing human detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles requires three different factors: high accuracy, high speed and high portability. This app presents a highly-accurate algorithm executed in the best-of-its-kind deep learning framework combination to achieve low inference time and be deployed in a low-cost smartphone. This system is currently being operated by Police Scotland to facilitate the Search and Rescue missions to locate missing persons in Scotland wilderness.

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This project is the winner of the "CeeD Industry Awards 2020" in the Innovation category and a winner of "THE AWARDS 2020" managed by The Times.


The presentation of the app and the project associated was broadcasted in national and international broadcast media such as BBC Scotland News (button below), BBC Reporting Scotland, BBC Radio, ​The Sun, Telecinco (Spain)​, 20Minutos (Spain)​, and VBOX7 (Bulgaria), Swedish TV (Sweden) and also Online Media such as ITPro, PoliceOracle, DIGIT, KBC, Silicon, ukauthority, insider, Myjoyonline, drapersolutions and so on.