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The increasing digitisation and technological progress, including the adoption and deployment of more and more sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems and solutions, shape all sectors of our economy and society. They are transforming the way industry develops and delivers new products and services, as well as the way we live, work and learn, and are central to a sustainable future. To ensure that this transformation will benefit all citizens in a way that warrants security and privacy, research and innovation (R&I) needs to target the definition and development of innovative and advanced security and privacy management mechanisms and technologies that can seamlessly be integrated in a variety of contexts and applications (across different vertical market segments/applications/use cases). In increasingly complex IoT scenarios, this ambitious plan requires close coordination of researchers, as well as of large, medium, and small industrial players, especially when it comes to the creation and deployment of the envisaged (and needed) distributed trust management and digital identity solutions. The ARCADIAN-IoT project addresses this challenge by answering the SU-DS02-2020 – Intelligent security and privacy management Call in Distributed trust management and digital identity solutions.


In ARCADIAN-IoT, UWS will lead the R&D activities for AI-based facial detection of drone operators to manage the digital identity of persons in ICT systems. UWS will also contribute to the autonomous security management framework.

1COORDINATORInstituto Pedro Nunes Associação para a Inovação e PT Desenvolvimento em Ciência e Tecnologia (IPN)IT
2ATOS IT Solutions and Services Iberia SL (ATOS)ES
3E-Lex Studio Legale (E-Lex)IT
4Load Interactive, Lda (LOAD)PT
5Martel GMBH (MAR)CH
6RGB Medical Devices (RGB)ES
8BOX2M Engineering S.R.L. (BOX2M)RO
9SCNL Truphone, SA (TRU)PT
10Universidad De Navarra (UNA V)ES
11University of the West of Scotland (UWS)UK
12XLAB Razvoj ProgramSKE Opreme In Svetovanje Doo SI (XLAB)SI